There’s a common misperception that doing deep work means that you have to push hard and dig deep. Granted, there are times when you need to apply some elbow grease…but for the most part deep tissue work doesn’t require brute strength. Really effective bodywork is more about finesse then force.

In fact, it boils down to one of my most important little secrets (there are more!) that will keep your body in tip-top shape so you can be in this profession for a long, long time.

Ready? Here it is… It’s not how hard you push, it’s where you push.

Sounds simple, right? It is, but the key is knowing exactly where to push.

Tigger points are the #1 cause of myofascial pain, but sometimes they can be wickedly hard to find. More precisely – the tricky part is finding the exact trigger point that’s causing your client’s specific complaints. If you’re working up a sweat but don’t find the definitive root source of the pain, then all you’re really giving your client is a painful fluff-and-buff.

Your work becomes truly effective when you…

Improve your palpation skills so that you become a fantastic listener in what might be thought of as a silent conversation with the body beneath your hands;

Experience what taking a client to the edge of too much feels like…because that’s where change happens;

• Learn techniques that will allow you to get right to the point of a pain issue quickly and efficiently (without taking a toll on your body); and

Locate & release trigger points (and know what to do after the release).

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