Start by identifying what aspects of bodywork intrigue you.  From Western techniques to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy work, and beyond, there are many dynamics to what we do as bodyworkers.

What techniques and modalities peak your interest?

Which tools do you feel called to add to your toolbox to heal your clients’ pain?

What practices can you fully commit to learning everything there is to know about them?

Your secret formula for amazing results lies in the answers to these questions.

For example, the technique I’ve developed and teach at Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat, Integrated Modalities Technique (or IMT for short), combines Western trigger point and myofascial therapies with Traditional Chinese Medicine obstruction clearing techniques and Energywork based in Reiki and Hawaiian healing practices.  I chose this blend of modalities because each of them resonates deeply with me.  Because of the strong connection I have with each of these techniques, I’ve dedicated my Bodyworking practice to mastering them.  The result?  My clients’ pain goes away – and my business keeps booming.

So … pause and take a minute to connect with yourself.  Ask – what is it you want to bring to your clients? What is that “something” you’re searching for that will elevate your business from good to great?  Listen to the guidance you get and use it to forge ahead in formulating your unique formula for getting amazing results.

Your clients (and your pocketbook) will thank you.

Once you find your own unique identity as a bodyworker, success is just around the corner!