Here’s the deal.  If you want to attract new clients into your business, you’ve got to think well-beyond your massage table and devise a big picture vision of what you want to achieve in your biz and how you’re going to get it. In other words, you’ve got to have a plan.

One aspect of that plan is external – think marketing, networking, and all things outreach.

The other aspect is internal – how you get your clients to unabashedly sing your praises, rebook regularly (not to mention well in advance), and refer their family and friends like gangbusters.

When you’re just starting out or want to expand what you have, then sure…you may need to focus on external marketing (we’ll address that in another blog). But the truth of the matter is if you nurture your internal efforts, you won’t really need to worry about anything else.

The absolute best way to attract a consistent flow of clients is getting involved with a local group and establishing yourself as an expert in all things bodywork (you know, the go-to guy or gal to help other members resolve all their aches and pains).  I’m into endurance sports, so training with a sports team has been the perfect way to get oodles and oodles of clients.  Wherever your interests lie, there’s probably a group you can get involved in that will deliver you clients with aliments from head to toe.  Get creative!

My other favorite way to open the client floodgates is developing a referral relationship with a chiropractor or doctor.  Identify one or more doctors or chiropractors you’re intrigued by.  Put yourself out there and offer them free sessions to prove you’ve got the skills to complement their work and help their clients.  Once they experience your amazing gifts and see how what you offer enhances what they do, they’ll likely send clients your way (and do so again and again and again).

It’s also essential that you create a system where you don’t need to worry about how to get more clients (because the ones you have will do your marketing for you).  Everything you say and do with your existing clients should reinforce their unwavering belief that you are – without a doubt – the best bodyworker they’ve ever found.  When a client asks “What is that?” or “What do you feel?,” consider it an opportunity to give them an insight into how their body works and demonstrate your command of the complexities of the human body.  Prove to them you understand their situation and know just the thing to do to improve it.  You’re the expert in the room…let your expertise shine!

When you get involved in a local group, expand your reach with doctors or chiropractors, and turn your existing clients into a self-perpetuating referral machine, you’ll be well on your way to having a never-ending flow of clients (and being booked weeks – if not months – in advance).  So, get marketing now!  Your new clients are waiting for you…



P.S. Want to avoid burning out your body while working on others?  This is so important!  My very favorite body-saving tip is just around the corner.  Stay tuned!