Are you struggling to secure a steady stream of regular clients?

Is your bodywork taking a toll on your body?

Are you making the money you want?

What if you could have a steady flow of clients, avoid running yourself into the ground, and make the kind of money you want?

I  know it’s possible, because I’ve done it….and if I can do it you can, too.

The secret was transcending the “massage school technique basics” and learning how to combine incredibly effective hands-on tools with the wealth of knowledge I’d gained through years of studying with other teachers, reading everything I could lay my hands on about manual methods of managing pain, and working on literally thousands of bodies.

It took a long time and a ton of effort to perfect, but in my 35 years of combined business and bodyworking experience I’ve learned a very important lesson: I am my own best marketing tool.

But the investment was so worth it because it has enabled me to create an experience that gets phenomenal results for my clients!


My Top Tip for Getting Repeat Clients (and Being Booked Out Weeks in Advance!)

How do you stand out in a crowded world of bodyworkers and wow your people with what you offer? Well, you start by delivering unbelievable results!

Every single client who is in pain is looking for results.  It could be chronic pain they treat with medication or have just learned to live with. Or, perhaps they have a sports injury or are considering a surgical procedure to get some relief.

Regardless of their situation, your job is to give them results.  If you can’t quickly and effectively assess, address, and resolve a client’s chief complaint, you’ll never gain their confidence.  Without that confidence, you’re unlikely to get their repeat business. Never underestimate the power of results.  They speak for themselves!

The key is to determine what you want to achieve (and develop a unique and effective way to deliver it).  

I started getting phenomenal results when I figured out how to blend my experience in Western techniques to pain management with Eastern and Energetic modalities.  I developed my own potent approach to healing my clients’ pain, and now it’s the hallmark of everything I do as a bodyworker.

With my multi-dimensional formula, I can help anyone who’s dealing with myofascial pain in a way that most of them have never experienced.  This translates into a wealth of regular repeat clients!   When your people feel better, they keep coming back for more relief more often. That’s how you develop a base of clients that book repeatedly and well in advance (which is exactly what you need to build a rock-solid business).

There’s no doubt you can build a good practice based on results alone.  However, if you want to build a practice that’s 100% booked 4-6 weeks in advance then you have to give your clients more than just results.



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