Our Team

George Davis
Host and Instructor

George Davis is the innovator of Integrated Modalities Technique, or IMT; a unique blend of Western, Eastern, and Energetic modalities that he has refined by working on clients ranging from elite endurance athletes to couch potatoes over the past 20 years. He was introduced to massage therapy because of his involvement in training for and competing in marathons and triathlons.

After completing his massage therapy training he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, as well as Gross Anatomy through the University of Hawaii Medical School, and Reiki through the Master Level. He has 35 years of entrepreneurial experience and was a successful graphic designer and illustrator before he became a massage therapist.

IMT is the direct result of combining the marketing savvy he gained from running his own businesses, with his background in sports and therapeutic modalities. Seeing the positive effects and the success of this integrated approach in his own practice, George resolved to show other therapists how to use IMT to build their own successful businesses.

Kathi Miyagawa
Huna Guide

Born on the island of Maui, in the Territory of Hawaii and raised on Oahu, in the State of Hawaii, Kathi Miyagawa is as “local” as they come. While being licensed in the practices of both acupuncture and massage she was drawn to Huna through a set of coincidences that undeniably pointed her back to her local roots.

For over fifteen years, Kathi has delved into the study of this ancient wisdom and successfully applies it to her contemporary life. Having built a successful business, she now endeavors to pass on this knowledge through various workshops and the sharing of her life with her students, friends and clients. “Hiki no!”…Can do!… is the local Hawaiian saying that influences her life path. Join us as she guides you on a journey of discovery that will open the doors to your own successful future.

Gregory Matracia

Greg Matracia has really found his niche as our concierge extraordinaire and may actually be the hardest working member of our team! He has a true nurturing personality and is a shining example of aloha. Greg makes sure things run smoothly by keeping everyone on schedule and works hand-in-hand with our chef to make every meal a treat.

All the beautiful flower arrangements and unique table settings we enjoy are a direct result of his long hours of preparation, coordination, and great sense of timing. If you need anything during your experience with us, Greg’s the guy to ask!

Jennifer Collotta
Yoga Instructor

Jenn Collotta is a strong advocate for the transformative qualities of Yoga. Originally from Boston she is certified in Vinyasa Krama and leads a powerful class, synching breath to movement and taking her students out of their heads and into their bodies. She challenges her students to question their beliefs about their capabilities and reminds them that, “flexibility is the ability to remain at ease in the face of tension.”

Jenn focuses on creating sequencing specific to participants needs. One of her strengths is being able to asses each persons abilities and finding ways to play to their strengths. You’ll leave Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat having practiced postures that will be most beneficial to bodyworkers and with a short routine that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Davina Day

Davina Days passion for fresh ingredients and beautiful food is reflective of her time spent living and traveling throughout Europe where she was exposed to an exciting array of taste sensations, the freshest seasonal produce, and the experience of every meal being a celebration of flavor!

She believes that “When the true flavors of the ingredients are showcased there is little need for much else in terms of fat, salt, or sugars which makes for clean and healthy dishes.” Her experience catering all types of events has made her an expert at providing options to fit all dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten/dairy free.