Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat
Join Us February 27 – March 4, 2018

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Join us at our next retreat, February 27 – March 4, 2018, and…

Be a part of it all…

Imagine how strong your practice would be if every client rebooked multiple sessions…in advance… AND raved about you to all their friends! Wouldn’t you love to know simple, proven strategies you can use right away to build your Bodyworking practice? Wouldn’t you be amazed to find that you CAN increase your income without stressing your body?

You bet you would!

Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat offers you all that and more! It’s a unique, Hawaiian-style experience where you’ll become part of our ohana…our family…and join a select group of like-minded people who are all here to share their stories and learn from each other.

You’ll live, laugh, and learn together!
And at the end of it all…

  • Return home with the confidence and techniques to expand your practice and increase your income;
  • Develop a better understanding of how to identify and treat root causes of myofascial pain;
  • Help your clients feel more comfortable in their bodies;
  • Discover direct marketing tools to increase rebooking and referral rates;
  • Earn 30-NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education hours; *
  • Find the true meaning of aloha…in a way tourists rarely experience.

* 14 hours for New York licensees. Consult your tax professional regarding deductible education expenses.

It’s not luck…it’s skill!

Our powerful combination of techniques and strategies will enhance your bodywork, build your business, and extend your career…which all translate into increased income and enjoyment for YOU!

You’ll learn how to help your clients manage their myofascial pain with Integrated Modalities Technique (IMT). Developed by your host, George Davis, IMT will elevate your work to an entirely new level through a unique blend of Western and Eastern modalities with Huna, a collection of practices rooted in ancient Hawaii.

But, just as important, is showing you how you can call on the skills and knowledge you already have to build that solid foundation of clients who fanatically sing your praises!

Building a successful Bodyworking practice isn’t rocket science… it’s simply learning how to combine proven pain management techniques with effective marketing strategies.

I’m Ready For Some Fun In The Sun!

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An Oasis of Learning…

Surrounded by a forest so lush you can’t see through it, our facility is nestled into the foothills of the Ko‘olau Mountains, on the beautiful windward side of O‘ahu, in tiny Ka‘a‘awa town.

It’s a peaceful place, where the soothing sound of the ocean lulls you to sleep and the smell of freshly brewed Kona coffee welcomes you to a new day, rich with new skills, friends, and experiences.

The Main Room is bathed in the morning light that streams in from floor-to-ceiling windows. There are four restful bedrooms and two spacious bathrooms, along with a large lanai, or deck, that overlooks the backyard where we gather in the evenings for some local-style surprises around a mesmerizing campfire.

There’s also a private cabana where we hold our evening meditations. It’s a wonderful place to experience IMT for yourself during a private Bodyworking session with your host, George Davis. A limited number of 1-hour, 90-minute, or 2-hour sessions are available on either the day before the retreat begins or, if you extend your Hawaiian experience, after its conclusion.


The food is absolutely incredible!

One of the most talked about events at Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat are the onolicious… wonderfully delicious… meals! Our gourmet chef prepares each meal using fresh local ingredients and herbs.

Her healthy cuisine, inspired by time spent in the Mediterranean, has a wonderful Polynesian flare and is lovingly prepared to accommodate any dietary requirement.

Breakfast is healthy and light, with luscious island-grown fruits, aromatic coffee and teas, and freshly baked breads.

For lunch enjoy such wonderful dishes as Herb Encrusted Fresh Fish, home-made/locally grown Mango Pineapple Salsa, or Mediterranean Sandwiches overflowing with a bounty of exotic flavors.

Dinners are a treat unto themselves. Our concierge sets a different, unique table each night where you’ll dine on such delicacies as local fresh fish prepared Chinese style with crispy vegetables and served in authentic stacked bamboo steaming trays.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover…. you’ll be anxiously awaiting the next meal!

The Food Sounds Out Of This World!

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Here’s what each day looks like…

Everybody needs to get Lei’d in Hawaii!

lei-greetingWe encourage you to arrive a day or two early to unwind a bit before we begin, you’ll want to get on to Hawaiian time as soon as you can! You’re welcome to stay at the retreat center for a nominal charge, or if you’d like to hang out in Waikiki and enjoy the beautiful beach, surf, and nightlife we can help arrange a hotel.

Do a little sightseeing on your drive to Ka’a’awa or schedule a private session with George Davis, your host and the developer of IMT. There are only a limited number of 90-minute sessions available so reserve your spot early.

A plethora of sea critters awaits…

dolphinsYou’ll be meeting your ohana… your family… today and having an incredible adventure snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins, fish, and turtles on the west side of the island.

Time permitting, you can stop at Valley of the Temples on the way back to the retreat center…be sure to have a few moments of meditation with the awe-inspiring Buddha and to ring the bell! After a fabulous meal and centering candle light meditation, we’ll dive right onto our first discussion of Huna with Kathi Miyagawa.

Your journey into Huna begins…

sunriseWe start early today with a Pikai, a very traditional cleansing ceremony that takes place in the ocean just as the sun peeks its glorious head over the horizon. It’s an amazing moment… a chance to release limiting thoughts or negative emotions and open ourselves up to all we will learn and experience this week.

We have a full day of Huna training (with a bit of down time in the afternoon to process it all), culminating in an evening ceremony around the campfire.

Yoga specifically designed for body workers…

sunrise-YogaThe sound of the ocean and soothing trade winds enhance an invigorating hour of yoga and stretching. After breakfast we’ll discuss the basic elements of IMT, including an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which we’ll expand on as the week progresses.

Our hands-on session focuses on palpation skills, meridian theory, trigger point techniques, and identifying key issues in the upper back and shoulders.

You’ll have a free afternoon today! Hike on a nearby trail, spend the day at the beach, or if you have a car you can go holo-holo (road trip). Or, if you’re up for more adventure, go zip-lining at Kualoa Ranch!

We’re full-on into it today!

kaaawa-valleyToday we hone in on the most common problems encountered when dealing with low back pain. We’ll further explore referred pain patterns, incorporating stretching into our trigger point techniques, plus continue our ongoing discussion of how to use what we know and what we do as the core marketing components that you will use to build your practice.

Our activity today takes us to an awesomely majestic and magical place. After you return, you’ll have some down time before our delicious evening meal, followed by a visit from a beautiful guest who will share her aloha with us.

Today is totally no ka ‘oi…the best!

Today we focus on the lower extremities, continue using Huna to enhance our work, and incorporate techniques that are effective – yet not stressful on our bodies. After an incredible lunch, we’ll meet up with Capt. Brett and head out for an afternoon of fun on the water!

We’ll sail (weather permitting) out into Kane’ohe Bay and bask in the sun on the natural island of sand that emerges at low tide. It’s an exercise in connecting with an energy that is almost palpable as we play in the shallow water on the sandbar and admire the awesome views of the coastline that can only be seen from out on the water.

Today is a bittersweet day…

fist-bumpOur last day begins with yoga, followed by a very light breakfast. The hands-on session focuses on the neck with an incredible technique that opens up the entire cervical region.

Then it’s time for our graduation ceremony followed by a festive guava mimosa brunch where we’ll talk about our favorite experiences of the week. After the laughter dies down, it’s time to pack up and say aloha ‘oe…our fondest farewell… until we meet again.

Fun in the sun…

Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat is much more than just an educational experience with interesting discussions and great hands-on sessions.

We want these six days to become an indelible memory that has an enormous impact on your practice. That’s why we’ve incorporated some of our favorite things into activities that are not only a blast, but also teach us something, too.

  • Bond with your fellow participants on a Swim-With-The-Dolphins adventure where you’ll have the chance to see all sorts of sea life!
  • Learn how every living thing, including the ‘aina… the land…has an energy you can feel as you go horseback riding or zip-lining in majestic Ka‘a‘awa Valley.
  • Discover how easy it is to develop a sense of serenity while you sail over the turquoise water for a relaxing afternoon out at the sandbar in the middle of stunning Kane‘ohe Bay.
  • Spend some down time with your toes in the sand relaxing in the shade of a palm tree while reflecting on what you’ve experienced so far.
  • Develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty of the world as you hike through trails that range from a stroll to a delightful natural pond, to a trek through a rare koa tree forest.

Here’s what you’ll take home…

  • New strategies that will help you expand your client base, limit the wear-and-tear on your body, and help increase your income;
  • Effective techniques that will seamlessly integrate with the skills and knowledge you already possess;
  • A powerful tool…Huna… that will not only enhance your Bodywork, but will also gift you with a sense that YOU control the course of both your personal and professional lives;
  • A deeper appreciation for precisely how Trigger Points contribute to myofascial pain and what you can do about them;
  • A new understanding for the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine that will add a new dimension to your work;
  • 30-Hour NCBTMB-Approved Provider Certification in Integrated Modalities Technique that that fulfills both licensing and professional membership continuing education requirements;*
  • Memories that will leave you with a heart filled with enthusiasm.

* Please discuss the options regarding work-related education deductions with your tax professional.

Meet your host…

George Davis, LMT
Your Host and the Developer of Integrated Modalities Technique

As a massage therapist myself, I’ve struggled with the same issues you have….how am I going to find clients?…will I ever be able to make enough money?….what will my body feel like when I’m 60? Well, now that I am 60, I want to share the answers I’ve discovered so you can have the kind of successful and satisfying practice that I enjoy.

Why? To be honest, reaching 60 has given me a new perspective on what I want my life to look like and helping other therapists succeed is a huge part of it. I feel that each of us is only able to change the world by changing the small corner we live in.

I’ve developed a technique that has rewarded me professionally, personally, and financially and helped tens of thousands (literally) of clients manage their pain and become more comfortable in their bodies.  I can help change the world by helping you change yours; by giving you skills that will help you change the lives of every client you touch.

I hope you’ll join our group of like-minded creators of our own success! I can’t wait to share things I’ve learned from 35 years of running my own businesses and the experience I’ve gained from creating a business that is exactly what I wanted it to be!

Hawaii Bodyworkers Retreat has been specifically crafted to create an environment that will not only show you how to have the Bodyworking practice you want, but to give you a sense of what aloha really means….

and THAT, my dear friends, is what our profession is all about.

I can’t wait to join this Exclusive Experience!

I'm ready for Hawaii!